Behavior Policy

Classroom Expectations:

My goals for classroom management are to foster the learning and autonomy of each student. We will create a Classroom Contract containing our schools rules on the first day of school.

  1. Be Respectful, responsible, and safe.
  2. Always try your best.
  3. Follow directions the first time.
  4. Listen to the speaker and don’t talk while the speaker is speaking.
  5. Keep your area and classroom clean.

Restorative Practices:

Kellogg is embracing a new classroom management program this school year that we are all very excited about. Teachers and staff were trained in the behavior management program called “Restorative Practices” this summer. The purpose of restorative practices is to restore relationships and to use discipline as a teaching moment. We will be working on creating a classroom community in the beginning of the year where students participate in “circle time” where we reflect on our day and build trust with one another.

What happens when a student breaks a class rule?

  1. You will receive a verbal warning.
  2. You will have a one-on-one conference with the teacher to discuss how your behavior is affecting the rest of the class and what you can do to make it right.
  3. If the behavior persists, the parent will be notified and another conference will be held with our psychologist or principal, or if applicable, student who was offended.
  • Sever Clause:

I reserve the right to send a student directly to the principal in the event of severe misbehavior.




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