Math Update



Many of you will notice on your student’s Weekly Report today, that we are still struggling with multiplication. I have been talking with our Resource Teacher about ways to help our class improve.

We have decided that we need to continue on to the next chapter in order to stick with the district pacing guide, but will review some multiplication problems each day. On Monday, she will be coming in to teach the first lesson of our next chapter on division. We are also going to restructure my math block so that all the students are split into two groups. Starting Tuesday, I will teach one group the math lesson, while the other half of the class does multiplication review. Then we will switch groups. I hope it will help having the students split up, because some of the difficulty comes with the students talking so much while I am teaching. 

Some ways you can help at home are:

  • Daily quiz your student on 1-digit multiplication facts using flashcards.
  • Have your student go onto to practice their math facts. (Search for Karl Kellogg School in Chula Vista).
  • Have your student go onto the Go Math website to practice more review problems. This website can be found on the district website under the student section-

If you have any questions please email me at


Fall Break Computer Programs

Here are some FREE website resources for your 4th graders over Fall Break:

  • Achieve 3000: Please complete 2-4 over break. For each article, that students complete, they will receive extra credit dojo points for free computer time in class.  Link here: Achieve 3000 

  • Math Facts Fluency: When we return from Fall Break we will be starting an online math facts fluency website called Moby Max. Students will start with addition and subtraction levels and move up to multiplication and division levels. If you would like your student to start practicing their math facts on this site before we return you are welcome to. Students will need to find our school using this code: ca4578. Their login information is the same as Achieve (username: school id, password: Initials and birthdate). Let me know if  you have any questions. You may need to play around with it for a little bit to get started since your student isn’t familiar with it yet. Moby Max Login

  • Hour of Code: This website teaches students how to code using familiar computer games. The 4th graders really love it and despite it being challenging they struggle through it without giving up! Hour of Code Login

At Home Websites

Achieve 3000- Students can read articles and write responses that will help them improve their Lexile score (reading level). We use Achieve 3000 multiple times a week, but they can also work on it at home.

Imagine Learning English- This website is a program for students who are learning English. The students who have an Imagine Learning account know who they are and can continue practicing at home.