At Kellogg, we strongly believe that spending quality family time at home plays a critical role in children’s well-being. In addition, we are firmly committed to instilling a love for learning and literacy by encouraging our students to explore as many books as possible. Based on this and on numerous research studies on the minimum effects of homework in the elementary grades, we have embarked on a “Reading and Family Time” policy as our Kellogg Homework policy. Students will not be taking paper packets home for homework. Instead they will be asked to read at home each and every night. We encourage you to read with your child or listen to them read. Encourage them to talk about what they are reading and engage in conversations around their books. Here is the minimum amount of time for reading at home every night:

K-2: a minimum of 20 minutes every day

3-6: a minimum of 30 minutes every day

In addition, we are promoting ONE FAMILY NIGHT a week where you can make an extra effort to sit down around the dinner table and talk. You can be as creative as you want but the main focus is family conversations without cell phones. Perhaps you can even make it a family game night. Whatever you decide it’s about quality time with your loved ones at home.

If you would like your child to do more work at home, there are many age-appropriate websites that students can use at home including Imagine Learning, Achieve 3000, eBooks, etc. We thank you in advance for your support with this policy.


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